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Chargers Vs Patriots Countdown Clock

So, I was looking at the NFL section of Sportsline this morning and I noticed this countdown clock for a game 3 weeks away.  It is between the Chargers and the Patriots.  Now I ask you, and solicit your response, why on earth is there a countdown clock for that game?  It's a battle of a terrible defense versus a now meager offense.  There are many better games out there than this one that come before this game.  Granted if Merriman and Brady were in this game I could see the appeal.  This is just CBS clinging to the AFC because that is the conference that the hold the TV rights to.  Fox Sports is much better off this year because the best teams have emerged as NFC teams.  Think about it.  If you have to name the best teams for the season so far you will have more NFC than AFC in there.  Giants, Cowboys, Eagles, Packers should probably be top 5 with the Denver Broncos rounding it out.  But aside from the Broncos what other AFC team can you put in the top 5?  Note: the Broncos barely make it into the top 5 because their defense isn't stopping anybody and bad call has them 3-0 instead of 2-1.  The Steelers are good, but proved yesterday they weren't better than the NFC teams named here.  Colts are not good.  Patriots lost to the Dolphins yesterday...where was the defense and Randy MossBills are 3-0 but they almost lost to the Raiders yesterday.  Can the case be made for anybody else?  I'd put the Titans at the number 6 slot because of what they have managed to accomplish so far, but the mental toughness of that team worries me.  If they keep it together they will play the Broncos in the AFC championship game this year.  The pendulum is coming back to the NFC after years of AFC dominance.  It was bound to happen at some point, and it appears this is going to be the year it happens.  So again, why is CBS highlighting the SD v. NE game if not for trying to hype up their own product?
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Talking Politics Presidential Election 2008

So there is the question, "Who are you voting for?"  It seems to be on the tip of everybody's tongue these days.  The answer around the country is pretty even right now.  Many like Obama, and many like McCain.  Let's see if you can figure out which way I am going after I tell you about how I feel about each candidate.  I'll start with Obama because I thought about flipping a coin, but the irony of "A time for CHANGE" ran through my mind and thus I cose him first.

Obama- Credentials: Well, he has none.  You may say he does because he is a US Senator, but I'd challenge you to point out one thing that he has done in his career/life leading up to this point that qualifies him to be President other than he is over the age of 35 and is a US Citizen.  If you can please list it, because I am eager to learn.  His Time for change message rings pretty hollow as he proposes more of the same, only he wants to get us closer to socialism than we already are.  I am all for cutting subsidies to the oil companies.  I think it is ridiculous that our tax money goes to them in the first place.  I think it is ridiculous that my tax money goes to any corporation including farmers (especially when the farmers getting the subsidies are giant corporations and not the struggling small family farms).  However, what idiot besides Obama thinks that taking profits away from any corporation to give money to the mass population is a good idea, especially when it is an oil company?  Seriously, giving me $1000 dollars is going to do nothing to help me at the gas pump.  Look at it this way: Say there are 100 Million US families that would receive this money form the oil companies tax (using a round number for easy math, there are probably a few million less families in the US).  100Million x $1000 =100,000,000,000 by my math that is 100Billion dollars that are coming out of the oil companies profits.  Even with the ridiculous amounts of money that the oil companies make this will either bankrupt them or, more realistically, raise the cost of a gallon of gas exponentially.  By my estimation giving me $1000 dollars will probably cost me an extra $2-3000 dollars in gas each year.  And that is socialism at work.  Adam Smith oh how we need thy wisdom again.   The biggest thing Obama has going for him is that he is an excellent speaker.  I say to you if you want an excellent speaker with no business being in office you may as well write in Joel Osteen.  Hold on, I am now going to tell you why McCain sucks.

McCain- Credentials: Long Time US Senator, has a pair of brass ones hanging between his knees, doesn't mind making a decision that isn't popular if he believes it is right.  In my opinion his tenure in the Senate is a good reason to vote against him.  He doesn't have any executive leadership experience other than heading up some committees.  In his time in the Senate he has done some questionable things that had many wish he would just get it overwith admit he is a liberal and jump to the Democrat ticket.  He has alienated what should be his conservative base byworking with Ted Kennedy and by suggesting amnesty for those in our country illegally.  As a Senator from a border state he didn't have as strong of a stance as many in this country would like him to have.  He runs off of his military experience and the sympathy he gained from being a POW (to his credit I have not seen any advertisements accentuating this, but it is prevalent in discussions that surround him).  I respect his military service and consider it a plus to be Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces, but I need more than that to elect him.  He has flip flopped so many times on his positions to try and make his constituents believe he holds the same views that they do.  How do we truly believe what he tells us?  Can we?  Probably not.  To his credit he does not seem to be a socialist which may just make him the lesser of two evils, but evil none the less.  The only thing that can give conservatives some legitimate hope for this guy would be picking a strong conservative VP with economic experience. 

Ok so maybe I wasn't as scathing to McCain as I was to Obama.  You guessed it, I'll be voting for "Maverick".  I still don't like my choices though.  If ever there was an opportunity for a viable third party to emerge it would have been this year, but alas it is not to be.

So what is your preference and why?  Clearly, I hate socialism so I am voting for the least likely to be a socialist dictator.

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The NBA Draft

It has become my opinion over the years that the NBA draft is the time in a basketball players life that they care more about a paycheck than they care about the game.  I am not saying that this does not happen in other sports, but the NBA is the epitome of me first.  Team is not important.  The game is not important really.  What other sport is out there where there is such a desparity between college and the pros? 

Before you jump on me and say baseball, let me say this: Baseball is not played in it's intended form until you get to a professional level.  Playing with a piece of aluminum is not how Doubleday intended his game to be played.  That is not to say that playing with an aluminum bat is not fun or lessens the games for kids, but when a high school kid gets up to bat and starts swinging an aluminum bat at the plate it's a lot easier to get the ball to drop in a gap when it gets there twice as fast as if he had used a wooden bat.  But I digress.

I bring up the NBA draft because players are once again skipping 3 quality years of college, where it truly takes a team to succeed.  If you want to argue with me about needing a team in the NBA may I direct you to Eshibit A: Last season's Eastern Conference Finals.  If you don't know what I am talking about, you obviously didn't watch the Series or SportsCenter or listen to any talkshow.  LeBron James single handedly beat the living crap out of the Pistons.  So what is my point?  Most players that will enter this years draft will never be a star.  Some will never play with a star.  Most will collect a paycheck that is far more than they deserve to play a sport that lacks the appeal that it should have.  It isn't their fault that they get paid so much, but it is their fault that they pass up an opportunity to play one of the greatest games on earth for one of the most mediocre.  College basketball depends on a team to excel.  Texas didn't fall off the face of the planet when Kevin Durant left last year.  Yes, Ohio State had a drop off, but they were still the best of the worst, and probably could have made the tourney if every conference didn't get an automatic bid. 

I say all of that to say, boo to those that have already decided to leave early, and good for you who are staying.  Take your time and appreciate a great sport.  Enjoy it while you can.  Eventually, you will have to go make millions and never know what it feels like to play the sport you love again.

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Someone Fire Billy Packer

I have been looking forward to this blog since Saturday night, but wish I had written it a couple weeks ago.  CBS's own Billy Packer is the worst college basketball announcer/analyst in the history of college basketball broadcasting.  The man is a complete and utter moron.  Every year the NCAA tournament comes around I get excited because it is the most exciting time of the year, the brackets get filled out and friendly wagers are made.  Then all of a sudden I realize that it isn't as great as it could be because CBS carries the tournament.  When will the contract expire and have ABC outbid CBS so that I can watch the game that I want since ABC has the ESPN networks at their disposal?  Yes, I know I can watch every game online.  I sure am glad I have a 52" laptop monitor just like my television.  Oh wait they don't make those? 

But not watching my favorite ACC teams play is not my biggest disapointment.  Billy Packer get's to call every marquee matchup.  When was the last time that fossil said something intelligent? Last week he said in an interview that the four coaches in this years Final Four are the best group to have ever assembled there.  Look back at the Final Fours of this decade, and I challenge you to not find at least 2 years where the coaches were far superior to this years group.  Aside from Roy Williams nobody has ever won a champioship (until this year).  Billy you have been calling the Final Four for 30 years (and torturing us with your stupidity along the way), please think before you say something and make yourself look less intelligent than we already knew that you were.

That brings me to the UNC vs Kansas game on Saturday.  With over 7 minutes left in the FIRST HALF Billy makes the observation that the game is over.  Sure UNC was down 28 points, but anybody with an ounce of basketball acumen knows that UNC is a streaky team and could erase that margin with the time left in the game.  And oh what do you know they got it down to 4 before they went cold again.  Even though they didn't come back and win, clearly the game was not over.  I knew it was over when the game was at 4 points and Billy told his enabler (Jim Nantz) that he didn't think that UNC was going to run out of steam.  Since there is no way that Billy can be right about anything that he ever says, UNC faltered and seemed to run our of steam.  So thank you Billy, thank you for announcing the championship game because it gives me another reason not to watch two teams I care nothing about.  Thank you for ruining every game I have ever watched that you have ad the pleasuer of a front row seat and a microphone.  Thank you for finally announcing that you are going to retire...oh wait that is just what I dreamed about last night.  Thanks for nothing Billy.  CBS please grow a set and realize you are employing someone that has no business doing the job that he is employed to do and fire the man.

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Pacman Jones and the Cowboys

Pacman Jones is now being looked at by the Cowboys as a possibility for a trade.  Why?  Is he one of the best defensive players in the game?  Probably.  He hasn't played in over a year so who knows.  Is he full of potential?  Yes, and he proved that with the Titans.  Is he a menace to society?  Absolutely.  I am all in favor of giving guys a second chance, but I draw the line when a player says over and over again that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time but didn't do anything wrong.  Smart people learn where the right place to be is.  Pacman Jones is not a smart man.  He is as moronic as they come.  So why would Jerry Jones want a player like this?  I honestly have no idea.  I could see if Al Davis wanted him to play for the Raiders, but let's face it he likes trouble makers and goes out of his way to sign them.  I even understood why Jones wanted Terrel Owens.  The guy can make a play, when he actually catches the ball.  But come on Jerry, Pacman Jones?  Why not just say I like the guy because I live in Texas and we like guns here especially people that think they can make it rain by shooting them.  What possible good can come to the league by letting this guy take the field again?  Maybe the NFL can be as cool as the NBA (that is a rant for another day).  Hopefully Roger Goodell won't even reinstate him, but look out Jerry if he does.  You get what you pay for, and what that is is a big headache called Pacman Jones.
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Met's Fans and Pro-Met's Commentators

Today the thing that makes me angry are people that think that the Mets will win the NL East just because they picked up Johan Santana.  C'mon lets face it the NL is different than the AL.  This guy is going to have to step up to the plate and hit.  There is no sissy DH here.  How will he be able to satnd a whole season of having to have that extra responsibility?  Time will tell.  Besides Santana this team wasn't that great last year and they are injury prone.  I am a Braves fan, and proud of it.  I am not going to sit here and garauntee you that the Braves will win the division, but I'd bet you that there is going to be a tight race this year between the Phillies, Mets and Braves.  Sit back and enjoy because Santana does not equal domination.
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