Posted on: August 15, 2008 10:35 pm

Talking Politics Presidential Election 2008

So there is the question, "Who are you voting for?"  It seems to be on the tip of everybody's tongue these days.  The answer around the country is pretty even right now.  Many like Obama, and many like McCain.  Let's see if you can figure out which way I am going after I tell you about how I feel about each candidate.  I'll start with Obama because I thought about flipping a coin, but the irony of "A time for CHANGE" ran through my mind and thus I cose him first.

Obama- Credentials: Well, he has none.  You may say he does because he is a US Senator, but I'd challenge you to point out one thing that he has done in his career/life leading up to this point that qualifies him to be President other than he is over the age of 35 and is a US Citizen.  If you can please list it, because I am eager to learn.  His Time for change message rings pretty hollow as he proposes more of the same, only he wants to get us closer to socialism than we already are.  I am all for cutting subsidies to the oil companies.  I think it is ridiculous that our tax money goes to them in the first place.  I think it is ridiculous that my tax money goes to any corporation including farmers (especially when the farmers getting the subsidies are giant corporations and not the struggling small family farms).  However, what idiot besides Obama thinks that taking profits away from any corporation to give money to the mass population is a good idea, especially when it is an oil company?  Seriously, giving me $1000 dollars is going to do nothing to help me at the gas pump.  Look at it this way: Say there are 100 Million US families that would receive this money form the oil companies tax (using a round number for easy math, there are probably a few million less families in the US).  100Million x $1000 =100,000,000,000 by my math that is 100Billion dollars that are coming out of the oil companies profits.  Even with the ridiculous amounts of money that the oil companies make this will either bankrupt them or, more realistically, raise the cost of a gallon of gas exponentially.  By my estimation giving me $1000 dollars will probably cost me an extra $2-3000 dollars in gas each year.  And that is socialism at work.  Adam Smith oh how we need thy wisdom again.   The biggest thing Obama has going for him is that he is an excellent speaker.  I say to you if you want an excellent speaker with no business being in office you may as well write in Joel Osteen.  Hold on, I am now going to tell you why McCain sucks.

McCain- Credentials: Long Time US Senator, has a pair of brass ones hanging between his knees, doesn't mind making a decision that isn't popular if he believes it is right.  In my opinion his tenure in the Senate is a good reason to vote against him.  He doesn't have any executive leadership experience other than heading up some committees.  In his time in the Senate he has done some questionable things that had many wish he would just get it overwith admit he is a liberal and jump to the Democrat ticket.  He has alienated what should be his conservative base byworking with Ted Kennedy and by suggesting amnesty for those in our country illegally.  As a Senator from a border state he didn't have as strong of a stance as many in this country would like him to have.  He runs off of his military experience and the sympathy he gained from being a POW (to his credit I have not seen any advertisements accentuating this, but it is prevalent in discussions that surround him).  I respect his military service and consider it a plus to be Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces, but I need more than that to elect him.  He has flip flopped so many times on his positions to try and make his constituents believe he holds the same views that they do.  How do we truly believe what he tells us?  Can we?  Probably not.  To his credit he does not seem to be a socialist which may just make him the lesser of two evils, but evil none the less.  The only thing that can give conservatives some legitimate hope for this guy would be picking a strong conservative VP with economic experience. 

Ok so maybe I wasn't as scathing to McCain as I was to Obama.  You guessed it, I'll be voting for "Maverick".  I still don't like my choices though.  If ever there was an opportunity for a viable third party to emerge it would have been this year, but alas it is not to be.

So what is your preference and why?  Clearly, I hate socialism so I am voting for the least likely to be a socialist dictator.

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